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September 2003 In This Issue

  1. Time Out for Health Repair
  2. Advocate for Yourself
  3. Staying in Shape
  4. Maggie Kuhn Documentary
  5. Caretakers Gazette
  6. Sedentary or Active?
  7. Elderwoman
  8. Forward In Time PBS Special
  9. Aging Population 2030
  10. Catch me if You Can

Time out for Health Repair

A diagnosis of breast cancer in March followed by A lumpectomy, radiation and three months of Chemotherapy upset my newsletter schedule. My last chemo treatment was August 7th..I am looking forward to the return to my usual active lifestyle as my energy replenishes.

Interesting statistic learned: One out of every seven women will have breast cancer in their lifetime. And it very often strikes you in your later years. So women keep getting those mammogram!

Advocate for Yourself

Do you sometimes feel that the doctor is writing you off as an older person who he just needs to prop up for a bit longer, but not necessarily bring back to a quality of life? In a recent bout with sciatica I wanted desperately to get back to my active routines, so I found a physical therapist who was a bike racer, and rode my bike to his office.. This helped him to understand how active I am and how important it was to reach full recovery. And recover I did.

Staying in Shape

The nurse taking my blood pressure before surgery asked me if I exercised a lot. "Why do you ask," I inquired. "Because you have a very strong heart for a 71 year old," she replied. The better health we are in as we age the more ready we are to combat successfully the diseases of old age. So keep up that exercise routine, eat right stay engaged in life, and keep your mind active. It will pay off in more years of healthy living.

Maggie Kuhn Documentary

I highly recommend the 56 minute video, Maggie Growls, which documents the life of Maggie Kuhn, the late head of the Grey Panthers. This amazing film covers over 50 years of bringing aging issues in front of the public and fighting ageism. Studs Terkel, Ralph Nader, and Claude Pepper all appear and comment on the revolution the outrageous Maggie created. Made by Women Make Movies, (www.wmm.com) it costs around $40 to purchase individually, and can be ordered through orders@wmm.com.

The Caretakers Gazette

Looking for inexpensive travel and adventure? Subscribe to this bimonthly magazine and learn about rent-free house sitting and caretaking opportunities all over the world. Opportunities range from weekends to years! Web site - www.caretaker.org, E-mail - caretaker@caretaker.org This and other unique opportunities can be found in A Resource Guide for Aging Adventurers. Visit www.TheAgingAdventurer.com to order a copy.

Sedentary or Active?

The majority of Americans lead a sedentary life. Do you?

A recent national survey on walking showed that given a choice between walking more or driving more 55% of adults chose walking more. There is a move afoot to make walking a safe, Easy and appealing option for all Americans says AnneCanby, President of the Surface Transportation Policy Project.

"Engineers know how to make streets and traffic safe for people on foot as well as on bicycle or in a car. They just need the support from policy-makers to do it."

Speak up for safe paths in your community. For More information about American Attitudes About Walking go to www.transact.org/report.asp?id=205


Manian Van Eyk McCain has a very interesting web Site www.elderwoman.org. She also has authored a book, Elderwoman."These days most women can expect to live several decades beyond menopause. Until now, there have been virtually no guidebooks for the later life journey, for it is one that our ancestors, with their much lower life expectancy were rarely privileged to take. Elderwoman is just such a guidebook. It can be ordered from www.elderworman.org for $12.76.

Forward In Time PBS Special

Ask your local PBS Station if they plan to show this informative documentary on productive aging. Dr. Gene Cohen and several other aging specialists along with five or six seniors will be on the 50 minute special. It will begin showing in the California are in mid to late October. Check the some-to-be-active web site, www.ForwardInTime.org.

Aging Population 2030

A Profile of Older Americans, 2001 put out by the Administration on Aging states that by the year 2030 the older population will double to about 70 million.The 85+ population will increase from 4.2 million to 8.9 million, and members of minority groups are projected to represent 25 % of the older population up from 16% in 2000. For more highlights of this study go to http://www.aoa.gov/prof/Statistics/statistics.asp

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