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Thank you for visiting my website. I am semi-retired after a wonderful career as a speaker and presently only speak professionally occasionally. It has been very satisfying to share my messages of hope and encouragement to audiences. I will turn 88 in 2019 and am currently focused on writing about issues in the aging field as well as my own adventures. (See Writings and Book.)

Best wishes in following your dreams.

Motivate, challenge and inspire your audience at your next event. Participants in Emily Kimball's presentations will learn how to:

  • Focus on long term career goals and personal dreams
  • Ferret out resources to make dreams happen
  • Remain determined in the face of obstacles
  • Take risks that extend and enrich one's life and work
  • Recover and regroup after failures

Emily has discovered a number of parallels between conquering the challenges of her extensive hiking and biking expeditions and meeting the dilemmas of everyday living. She is:

A proven risk taker
A vital example of creative aging
A role model to others on how to set -    and reach - their highest goals.

Delight your audience with Emily Kimball of Make It Happen! She will make your next event one to remember!

Emily Kimball
4907 Beaver Lane, #104
Richmond, VA 23228
(804) 358-4959