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Appalachian Trail Stories and Other Adventures: Living Your Dreams at 60 and Beyond features stories from my thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail completed at age 70, hiking trips in the High Sierras at age 76 and an Elderhostel wilderness canoe trip on the Allagash river in Maine at age 78.

I overcame many obstacles and set-backs to make these exciting adventures happen. My writings encourage others to move on after failure and continue to achieve dreams they put on hold in the busy middle years. We are now living 20 to 30 years longer. I see retirement as a time for new explorations.

Below is an excerpt from Surviving Saddleback Mountain

"I backed down the cliff, holding tightly to a tree root and placed my foot in what appeared to be a deep indentation in the rock. As I began the downward climb my foot slipped and suddenly I was falling through the air at great speed. As I landed I heard the crack of my head colliding with a rock--my backpack had cushioned the rest of my body. As I lay sprawled on my back on the ground, fear overcame me. This was the hikers worst case scenario--being injured while hiking alone in bad weather, up a challenging mountain in the middle of nowhere.... At the bottom of the cliff I lay dazed but conscious. After several minutes, I gathered my wits and took stock of the situation.

I'm conscious. That's good. My right thigh hurts. My right wrist is beginning to swell. Nothing seems broken--just bruised. When I reached my hand up to remove my hat, it came back covered with blood. The wound on my head was gushing blood. That was pretty scary. Could I stop the bleeding? How deep was the cut? Was it serious? These questions raced through my mind."

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