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Announcing Emily Kimball's new book:


Adventurer Emily Kimball's new memoir is an inspiring account of her fascinating life, focused on the transitions she undertook over the last four decades, from ages 45 through 84.

The entertaining and insightful memoir traces Emily's transitions from when she resigned a well-paying but unsatisfying job, arranged for her children to live with their father for a year, and headed off on her own to search for a new career in environmental education. Along the way she faced many challenges—hiking alone to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, paddling a canoe for over 200 miles on Florida's Suwannee River, and participating in a 10-day survival trip in Utah with only a knife, a toothbrush, an extra pair of socks, and the clothes she wore.

In her job hunt across the country, Emily interviewed with 60 environmental agencies. Traveling on a very limited budget, she camped out and cooked meals, enduring anxiety about her future and that of her children. After arriving home empty handed, she worked 10 part-time jobs over 12 months before securing a permanent job in environment education.

Other transitions covered in A COTTON RAT FOR BREAKFAST: ADVENTURES IN MIDLIFE AND BEYOND include Emily's early attempts at becoming a professional speaker and a writer—often amusing—and her bike tour across America and her Appalachian Trail hike in retirement.

This collection of stories is a must-read for anyone who has ever pondered stepping out of their comfort zone. It is a source of inspiration for people in midlife and beyond, helping them to take risks, explore new directions, and move ahead after failures.

The cost of the book is $16 plus $2.75 postage at book rate. To purchase send a check for $18.75 to me at Emily Kimball, 4907 Beaver Lane #104, Richmond, Virginia.

Emily Kimball
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